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By William Watson Purkey and John M. Novak
Inviting School Success, Wadworth, 1984

The following lists of inviting and disinviting verbal comments, personal behavior, physical environments, and printed signs have been identified by educators and students as indicators of the quality of life in schools. These lists are only illustrative, but the presence or absence of items on these lists may help to identify the inviting or disinviting stance taken by those who live and work in and around schools. These items may also serve as a checklist for those in schools who are already doing good things, and who want to do them even better.
Verbal Comments

Forty Inviting Comments Forty Disinviting Comments
Good morning.
Thanks very much.
Let's talk it over.
How can I help?
Tell me about it.
I appreciate your help.
Happy birthday!
I enjoy having you here
I understand.
We missed you.
I'm glad you came by.
I like that idea!
I think you can.
I like what you did.
Welcome back.
You are unique.
That's even better.
I've been thinking of you.
How are things going?
How are you?
I'd like your opinion.
Happy holiday!
What do you think?
Let's have lunch.
What can I do for you?
Of course I have the time.
That's OK.
I am impressed.
You made me feel good.
Please come in.
I've always got time for you.
I think you can do it.
Please tell me more.
May I help you?
Let's do it together.
Come back soon!
I enjoy our time together. Keep out.
What Mary is trying to say is...
Use your head.
It won't work.
You'll have to call back.
You can't do that.
I don't care what you do.
Not bad, for a girl.
Don't be so stupid.
Who do you think you are?
He can't be disturbed.
Why didn't you stay home?
Woman driver!
They don't want to learn.
They don't have the ability.
You can't be that dumb.
They're all right, in their place.
Who's calling.
You should not feel that way.
You ought to know better.
You must do as I say.
How could you?
Shape up or ship out.
Anybody can do that.
Why do you bother coming to school?
That's a childish viewpoint.
That is dead wrong.
Hi, Chubby.
You goofed.
Get lost.
That's stupid.
So what?
Because I said so, that's why.
What, you again?
Forget it.
You'll never make it.
Sit down and shut up.
Knock it off.
I know you're not that stupid.
What's your excuse this time?
Personal Behaviors
Forty Inviting Behaviors Forty Disinviting Behaviors
A relaxed posture
Lending a book
Listening carefully
Patting a back
Shaking hands
Opening a door for someone
Giving a friendly wink
Sharing lunch together
Being on time
Sending a thoughtful note
Bringing a gift
Sharing an experience
Accepting praise
Giving wait-time
Gazing warmly
Yielding interest
Noticing new clothes
Learning names
Offering refreshments
Sending a valentine
Hugging (where appropriate)
Extending an apology (where required)
Sharing a poem
Picking up litter
Planting a flower
Waiting your turn
Holding a door
Extending a hand
Congratulating someone
Remembering important occasions
Sharing a sandwich
Using a napkin
Offering someone a chair
Bringing flowers
Scratching someone's back
Expressing regret
Waving with both hands
Giving a thumbs-up sign
Overlooking a faux pas Giving a thumbs-down sign
Looking at your watch
Yawning in someone's face
Shaking your finger at someone
Scowling and frowning
Slamming a door
Using ridicule
Turning you back on someone
Cutting people short
Making fun of a person
Looking away from someone
Leaving someone to answer the phone
Hitting someone
Being obscene
Laughing at someone's misfortune
Throwing paper on the ground
Tapping a pencil (fidgeting)
Chewing gum loudly
Breaking a promise
Forgetting an important date
Gawking at an accident
Using sarcasm
Forgetting a birthday
Blowing your car horn
Talking with your mouth full
Playing with your nose
Eating loudly
Showing lack of concern
Being late
Staring at someone
Shoving ahead
Stamping your foot
Telling a lie
Dumping ashtrays in the street
Insulting a person
Talking during a movie
Physical Environments
Forty Inviting Environments Forty Disinviting Environments
Fresh Paint
Pleasant smells
Living plant
Attractive, up-to-date bulletin boards
Soft lighting
Big and soft pillows
Lots of books
Fresh air
Comfortable furniture
Rocking chair
Flowers on the desk
Open doors
Candy jar with candy
Soft music
Attractive pictures
Comfortable temperature
A cup of coffee, tea or juice
Porch light at night
Porch swing
Birthday cake
Fresh towels
Well-tended park
Books and magazines
Stuffed animals
Sunny room
Game board
Thick carpet
This morning's paper
Holiday tree
Matching colors
Birthday card
Positive worded signs
Blue jeans and cotton shirts
Bright hallways
Clean aromas
Brightly lit parking lot
Clean windows
Clear floors
Old pick-up truck Dark corridors
Bad smells
Dingy colors
Full trash cans
Hard lighting
Insects (flies, roaches)
Excessive noise
Smoke-filled room
Bare walls
Leftover food
Dirty coffee cups
Full ashtrays
Bare lightbulb
Stack of out-of-date materials
Fluorescent lights that buzz
Dark parking lots
A full pencil sharpener
Dead plant
Long lines
Dingy curtains
Burned-out lightbulb
Sidewalks going where people don't
Opaque windows
Cold room
Lukewarm coffee
Artificial plants and flowers
Cigarette butts on a plate
Sink full of dirty dishes
Exhaust fumes
Straight rows
Empty mail box
Dirty fingerprints
Peeling paint and plaster
Nothing to read
Dusty, cobwebby shelves
Stuffy room
Sticky floors
Broken windows
Signs with letters missing
Spray-painted graffiti
Printed Signs
Forty Inviting Signs Forty Disinviting Signs
Please Use Sidewalks
Visitor Parking
Please Leave Message
Open, Come in
No Appointment Necessary
Please Use Other Door
Thank You for Not Smoking
Come Back Soon
Open House
We're Glad You're Here
Handicapped Parking
Sorry I Missed You, Please Come Back
Visitors Welcome
Happy Hour
Please Put Litter Here
Come As You Are
Open to the Public
Rest Area
Take Me
Clean Restrooms
Help Keep Hawaii Beautiful
Have Lunch with Us
Students Welcome Back
Please Excuse the Inconvience
Good Day
Happy Holidays
No Waiting
You're Here
Please Touch
Come on In
Pardon Our Dust
Ample Parking in the Rear
May We Help You?
Be Back at ___
Please Watch Your Step
Help Us Conserve Energy
Directory Assistance
Welcome to Hawaii (or HCC) Office Closed
Do Not Disturb
Keep off Grass
To Trespassing
No Talking
No Running in Halls
No Admission without Pass
Visitors Must Report to
No Smoking
No Admittance
Be Seated
Keep Out
Do Not Enter
No Deposit, No Return
Tow Away Zone
By Appointment Only
Out of Order
No Children Allowed
Closed to the Public
Private Beach
No Checks Cashed
No Spitting on Sidewalk
Members Only
We Do Not Give Change
Take a Number and Wait
Shop Lifters Will Be Prosecuted:
Means You!
Keep This Door Shut!
Not for Public Use
Out to Lunch
You Broke It, You Bought It
Books Are for Sale Only
Government Property - No Admittance
Do Not Remove under Penalty of Law
Restrooms for Customers Only
Parking for Officials Only
No Shirt, No Service
No Facilities
For Faculty Use Only
Beware of the Dog

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